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Rose OlsonBoston, MA; 978-927-3049


Color has a sharpening aspect, affecting our senses and intellect simultaneously. These paintings reflect my passion for color and its interaction with the beauty of natural elements.

Wood-grain patterns are exciting and varied since each is specific to what was once a living tree. These patterns are as unique as our fingerprints and as important as the colors I use. Both contribute to the meaning and structure of every work. Many layers of different colors applied one color layer at a time, enhance each wood-grain pattern and increase that painting's luminosity. The character of that specific wood affects the way each color is received, so the transparent colors continue being layered on until the painting starts to bloom.

My colors often change as the viewer moves, or the light shifts. I am conscious of that interplay. Hard edges and added color bands also enhance the spatial and color effects of each work revealing, in a sense, another way of seeing that world.

ROSE OLSON: Blue Overhang

Blue Overhang, 2018, 20 x 20 x 2